Moving and The GRAMMY’s

whilst I’m figuring out all this blogging business, I figured I would give you a brief update on whats been happening in the land of Stace and James.

On Sunday the 10th feb, James and I were selected to attend the Grammy’s as seatfillers, seatfiller you ask? well what we do is sit in the seats in the camera view so that you can’t tell when people leave or get up, they don’t want empty seats, looks bad. So we got to attend the Grammy’s for free AND sit next to all the stars. If you want to sign up and become a seatfiller just go to, it’s free and easy.

I had an awkward moment with Neil Patrick Harris (How I met your mother), thats for another time. I got to sit next to fun, Trey songs and David Grohl was infront of me, we were right in there, was really awesome being so close to so many successful and talented people. Of course no phones or cameras were allowed, so I have little proof, but it happened…. I promise ;-D.

We have just moved into our new apartment in San Diego, it is very small, and let me tell you, moving from 3700sqft to 837sqft is a BIG change and absolutely no fun at all. Luckily this apartment has an attached oversized Garage, so we have plenty of storage space for all the things we don’t need. We are 20 minutes to the beach, and about 25minutes to downtown San Diego.  So visitors are more then welcome, we have lots of hotels nearby if you don’t feel like sleeping on the floor. We have signed a 7month lease, so we will be here for at least that long, I’m hoping longer. But all depends on James and his job.

James is now working for Vivint Solar, he is doing great and loves not having to ‘sell’ people something, It’s more giving people something that saves them money. you can check it out at

Sorry this was so rushed, just wanted to give an update so you had something to read

Will write soon

Love to all


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