Hot Topics

I am still adjusting to this whole blog thing, I hope you have found my posts somewhat entertaining/interesting. I have been thinking about how I can make this blog more fun for everyone, I was thinking I should start blogging about certain topics on certain days, For example; I could blog about different recipes I have tried out on Mondays, then Fertility/Acupuncture another day, Photography etc…. My question is, what are some things that interest you most about mine and James’ life? How can I make this more interesting for you? Is there anything specific you want me to write about?

Let me know your thoughts, if any, then I can start blogging with a purpose, rather then just random things here and there πŸ˜€

Peace out Dudeys


2 thoughts on “Hot Topics

  1. I think you should blog about the top 100 reasons why you love James. Your most awesome hubby. How did you ever land such a hunk. Must have been hard to tame that wild stallion.

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