Dog Beach Day

Yesterday February 26th, was 72degrees here in beautiful san Diego. I wanted to do something with the pups as I don’t take them out nearly as much as I should, so I thought a day at the dog beach would be a fun event for them. I was hesitant to take Bella because she is a little whimpy around other dogs. She hates them, she constantly barks when another dog comes close to her, especially the ones that like to chase her and possibly eat her. Coco on the other hand is a dogs dog, he loves to play with smaller dogs and follow Charlie (my friend Matt’s dog) everywhere she goes. So I called my friend Matt and off we went with our five doggies to the beach. One of the many highlights of living in southern california is the many dog beaches they have, the one we went to, Solana Dog Beach, is a beach just for people with dogs which is especially great because it’s an off leash beach so they can run wherever they want too. I also took this oppurtunity to get some good pics, so I brought along my camera.

First let me introduce you to the pack:

Here is Coco

This is Charlie, Matt got her from a shelter and she is such a sweet dog, I love her allot
This is little Bella
Matt’s dog Floppy, my little lover 🙂 He follows me everywhere I go
And last but not least Matt’s 3rd dog Goliath.
They are all wonderful, sweet dog’s and they get along great together which is marvelous.
When we were walking down to the Beach from the car, I was a little hesitant to take Bella off the leash as she has a tendency to run far away and not listen to me when I want her to come back. I kept her on it until we were far enough away from the busy road and we were in an area where there weren’t so many hyper dogs. Coco came off leash right away and he ofcourse ran up to the first people he saw that were running and barked at them whilst jumping at their feet, now, Coco is a sweet little dog he has a great temperament, BUT, if you are running away from him he will chase you down and bark at you, I’m not really sure why he does that, but he is my little psychopath. As funny as it is, it’s not a good habit and I need to find a way to stop him from doing that, but I yelled at him a few times and he came running back, I did get a dirty look from the people he was barking at, even after I apologised. Whoops.
Whilst Matt went running with Charlie, I climbed onto a rock and people watched, admiring all the different doggies and enjoying the sunshine, in the meantime,
Coco and Bella made some friends
These guys were a little big, but they were only passing by, but then this little one showed up….
IMG_8798 IMG_8806
This little girl called princess is an 8 year old pom, she was a little scared of all the dogs, but Bella and Coco were great with her so she was ok after a while.
Matt and Charlie returned, so Coco hung out with her for a bit
I even got Coco to smile for the camera 😉
IMG_8741Pretty sure coco was peeing right there
Bella had been off the leash for about 10minutes and she made sure to say hello to all the people at the beach,
IMG_8817 IMG_8791 IMG_8812
They all loved her and she spent a good amount of time with every person she met.
We also saw some puppies
This was a 6 month old German shepherd, so beautiful and BIG
IMG_8795and this little guy was only 4 months old.
We also met a very nice man, with two huskys, they were really playful and loved to play with Charlie, one of the huskys had a little obsession with Bella and every time he went near her she would yelp, and it would just egg him on, eventually he got the message and left her alone. He couldn’t understand what the problem was, he was just trying to sniff her butt 😉
The husky’s owner got brave and decided it would be a smart idea to bring dog treats out of the bag….
IMG_8794Everybody wants what that man has….bet he wishes he didn’t do that
IMG_8802Bella creeping up behind him….
After the treats were out the bag and the nice man and his dogs had left, I decided to try a photoshoot with Coco and Bella… The best I got was this
cocobellaconvoThis one I think looks like bella and coco are having a conversation and coco is just like ‘whatever’ haha, captions for this picture are welcome
cocoposeThis one is precious, after Bella had run off to greet somebody else I was left with my side kick, I thought this was a really sweet photo.
After this was taken, coco got restless and bored then ran off to play with the others, so I took a couple snap shots of my views…
This was to my left…
This was to my right
beach cove
I decided to take a little walk down here, it was so pretty and it was nice and enclosed for the pups,
IMG_8771There they all are watching me leave, when coco notices Im leaving he rushes over, that fluff ball is always at my feet, I like to think of it as love, but I’m sure it’s from coddling him as a puppy and I’ve given him an anxiety disorder.
cocobelsThey all came running over and ran around like lunatics, hyper lunatics. It’s always entertaining to watch.
Now this picture is GREAT, Charlie was getting riled up and chasing Floppy around, all with good intentions, but if you look at this picture it looks like Floppy is running for his life haha… I Love this picture, All captions are welcome 🙂
So after being at the beach for a good 2 hours, we leashed up all the dogs, took them back to the car and then headed for home. After 2 minutes of driving they were all asleep, so we knew they had a great time. I was feeling the high from all that sun, but I was excited to get home and finish all the cleaning haha NOT. Beach days are the best, I got to talk to a lot of people whilst I was there and it felt good to be around people and know that the dogs were wearing themselves out. California is the GREATEST.
I hope you enjoyed reading about our beach day 😉

5 thoughts on “Dog Beach Day

  1. I am seriously enjoying reading your blog. Now if I only had something to say that was interesting and/or entertaining. (Alas) Love & hugs

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