Birthday Weekend

Hello All

Sorry it’s been a little while, but with my birthday last week I’ve been really busy. February 28th I turned the big 26… I am grateful to have made it to another year, although it is a little scary getting old haha. I still look 18 though so it’s not all bad I guess, anyway…..

My day started off with breakfast made by James


Yes it was as yummy as it looked, the eggs were a little runny but James has been forgiven 😉 After James handed me my breakfast the doorbell rang and I thought to myself ‘OMG Lucy is here, or my Mum or Dad’ then I heard a voice and it was, American, I have never been so gutted to hear an american accent in all my life, ok maybe thats a little dramatic, but it’s true, all my dreams were crushed, it was not a family member 😦 BUT…. It was a flower delivery lady who was delivering me some flowers 😀

James walked into the bedroom with these….

zoe flowers

The first thing he said was.. ‘They’re not from me’. We were both really confused, then I grabbed the paper card that was attached and it read, ‘Happy Birthday beautiful pixie, Love you to infinity and beyond’ Luckily I knew who they were from as there was no name. My friend Zoe, she’s obsessed with Toy story and she thinks I have pixie ears :), I was so surprised to recieve flowers from her because I don’t talk to her as often as I should, So Zoe, I am very very grateful for my beautiful flowers they were a lovely surprise.

James had a meeting to attend from 10-1, so I was all alone, but not for long,  I skyped with my Mum and Dad, (After I had texted my dad to remind him of my birthday) and we skyped for an hour or so, made me feel like I was at home which was so nice. Last year I was so depressed on my birthday, it was miserable. But skyping definitley helps.


Especially when your dad has an antenna sticking out of his head 😉

Then I skyped with Lulu (don’t worry Lucy, no pictures of you on here ;)) We talked for a good hour or so.

I decided I wanted to go to the beach as it was a whopping 82degrees outside, and there was no way I was going to sit indoors on a beautiful day like this, I waited for James to come home, and off we went to Carlsbad Beach. It was nice, and peaceful, and beautiful, and perfect. Just me and the hubs hanging out. I also brought along my camera and took some pics, here are two of the ones I liked the most.

menjames ocean

The writing on the picture of James and I, reads, ‘He stole my heart, and now it’s his, forever and always, sealed with a kiss, I love you more then you will ever know, forever and always, I hope you know’ I am not sure if that came from the brain in my head or if I had read it before and just remembered it, So I will take credit for it, unless someone else makes their claim.

We spent about an hour at the beach, then we headed back to the pool at our apartment, We stopped by a Starbucks on the way home, picked up a cheese pastry yum, then went to the pool at our apartment and sat in the hot tub for a little while, with lots of screaming children splashing about, I love kids, but I was kind of hoping they would all go away and leave me and James alone on my birthday, but hey, you can’t have it all ……. just kdding. Kind of 😉

We spent an hour at the hot tub then went back home to get ready for dinner. James had won two $50 gift certificates from work to cheesecake factory so we went there for dinner, it was such a beautiful evening we sat outside at 7pm, perfect temperature 🙂 I was under a heat lamp because I’m always cold, but it was just perfect.

James’ work friends had planned a get together bonfire at the beach for 7.30, so after dinner we headed to the beach and hung out with everyone. I had a fun time, it was nice to just sit by the fire and watch all the little kids run around throwing sand in each others faces, and mingling with James’ co workers. Before we left we told everyone that saturday was my birthday dinner and that we would go Go-Karting afterwards, then off we went on our merry way.


Saturday evening was a success, Tgi fridays was awesome, not all the people could come, but it worked out for the best, we all chatted, ate good food, got a free pineapple juice, my friend Jessica bought me red velvet birthday cake. It was awesome. James and I had to leave early as we were meeting the next group of people half an hour away at the Go karts, there was only 6 of us that went karting, but we had such a a great time, I BEAT James in one race, and came 2nd in another (James was 1st in that one) After the first race I thought I was going to puke, I had such bad motion sickness, but I raced again, this time with no motion sickness, I did get seatbelt burns on my collar bone, which I referred to as neck bones hahahaha, I think all that kart racing made my brain go funny, on the third race I wore a shirt to cover my collar bone, and all I did was hurt my back 🙂 so it was an eventful evening, but very very fun. The Go Karts here are electric and they go up to 40mph which on a little race track is a plentiful speed.

I really missed my family and friends, but I had such a great time with such great people so I can not complain.

James and I had a little photoshoot yesterday with our friend Stephanie and her husband Dan. I will do a seperate post for that, but for now here is a peek at a couple of the pics from the shoot..

Hope I didn’t bore you to death

Love ya xoxox

staceyandjames1 puppies


2 thoughts on “Birthday Weekend

  1. I am sorry we couldn’t be there be there for your birthday but it sounds like you had a great time. I will try to be there next year. I am looking forward to you posting the pictures of the photo shoot.

  2. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a lot going on. Where did you take that picture, the second to last where you are walking away? Its a beautiful place! I love the last one where your outfits match the dogs!

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