Growing Love for Needles



I am sick of pumping myself full of hormones and having to inject myself in my tummy 4 days straight and all the other not-so fun stuff that you have to do to try and get pregnant. I am also sick of worrying about trying to get pregnant and feeling miserable every time my period arrives.

I had been reading up about natural ways to get pregnant, and as I was reading all these different articles and blog posts, the more I read the more I realized that I really need to get my body prepared for such a drastic change. If my body isn’t getting pregnant then there is something thats off, and Β I need to fix it.

I researched different Fertility Acupuncture centers and I found Zen Fertility, the reviews were ok, but the fact that they specialized in Fertility was a big PLUS. So, I scheduled an appointment, James and I had a consultation and 1 treatment session with a wonderful girl. She talked to us about our goals and what we were hoping to achieve, and we told her all of our concerns. She was a great listener and appeared to really empathize with us. After the consult she had James and I lay down. I was really apprehensive about the needles, I don’t have a fear of them but no one likes to be stuck with sharp pointy things right? She started with me, she inserted about 8 needles, all over my body, but a few gathered in my uterus area, the needles are so thin and flimsy that I barley felt anything, maybe a pinch here and there but no pain. She then moved on to James, turned on some relaxing asian music and left us to relax/meditate for about 30 minutes. I felt really relaxed, and just lay there soaking in all the different feelings I could feel, all the energy moving around my body. It was really weird, I don’t really know how to describe it. James on the other hand, was freaking out a little bit, he had a more emotional experience. Anybody who knows James, knows that he can’t sit still for 5 seconds without moving or doing something, so this was a definite challenge for him, I then started to worry and couldn’t help feeling that he was ruining my experience haha… He was fine after about 10 minutes. (I’ll let him post about his experience)

Once everything was done, they handed us a list of supplements that we should take, and gave us some price lists etc… and then we left.

I felt the experience was great, but I also felt like I should be fixing my entire body, not just the fertility aspect of it, I did some more research and found the info for the number one lady in San Diego for Acupuncture, I called her to schedule an appointment and I could tell she was a little wacky, she was asking about my situation and as she replied, she said she could feel my heart and she started to hyperventilate lol… I liked her, she seemed a little strange but that was ok.

This past Monday, and today, James and I visited our new acupuncturist, her treatment rooms were separate, but much more relaxing and comfortable then the previous. She inserted allot more needles then the other acupuncturist, and these ones HURT. When she inserted them it felt like a burning/stinging sensation, yes OUCH… but the pain lasts a second and then it’s gone. When she took the needles out on monday, they were vibrating from my energy πŸ˜€ Which means that it’s working. Hooraay. She also told me that she saw a little boy with blonde hair and blue eyes, so hopefully she’s not crazy, that night I also had a dream I was pregnant, I went to an ultrasound where there were two fetus’ in utero πŸ˜€ So fingers crossed this acupuncture heals my body and I get my babies.

Today whilst in the room with her as she was inserting the needles, she asked me if I felt that icy tingling on the back of my legs (She says she can feel things other people feel, so wanted to see if it was me) I told her no. She then asked, ‘Has someone close to you died recently?.’ I told her no, then started to worry that someone had died and I just didn’t know it. She could see I was worried and told me that it could be someone that passed before, but they were standing right next to me in the room. Not freaky at all, crazy lady poking me with needles, with a dead person watching… hah! I felt really relaxed, yes even after that, and I lay there for about 40 minutes just relaxing and focusing on all the different feelings again.

The needles do hurt with this new acupuncturist, but I feel that it’s better to be healing my entire body rather then focusing on just fertility, and even though she is a little wacko I feel like she really knows what she is doing.

I’m sorry this was a little rushed, after my next session on Friday next week I will update you πŸ˜€

Love to All xoxox


5 thoughts on “Growing Love for Needles

  1. That sounds intense! Lol. I hope it makes you feel better in the end. Love how your personality comes through your posts πŸ™‚ PS The pics you posted of u and James! Gorgeous.

  2. Good luck with this Stacey. Simone Vivs neice said that she knows of three couples who have had this done and all three couples fell pregnant so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you and James.

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