Just a lil update on us :-)

Hi all
I am posting this from my phone so I apologize for any errors in advance. Unfortunately I don’t have any magical topics to blog about instead ill just give you an update on what’s happening in the land of Stacey and James.
James has been working really really hard and I know he had the number one spot in his office recently, hooray. I am very proud. This lead to him being offered a promotion in Fresno, ca. We were so grateful they had thought of James to co manage the office up there, but we had to turn it down after lots of prayer and writing down lists of pros and cons. Work wise it would be a great opportunity, but Fresno is not the place for us right now. But we are so thankful that James is doing so well. He loves his job, we love San Diego, life is good.
Now I am trying to figure out what to do with myself. I have thought of different jobs etc…. But every morning I find myself really unmotivated to do anything, I get really homesick and wish I could pop over the road and see Lucy or my mum and dad, and sometimes the thought of not being able to do that makes me really sad. Yes, I have proposed to James that we move back home 🙂 and maybe one day when James is super successful and we are loaded that can be a possibility 😉 but right now we are just normal people, without our millions. Bummer. 😉
The weather in San Diego just got nice again after a week of grey overcast skies. But the sun was shining today and it was lovely.
Sorry I don’t have anything that’s too interesting.
Will write again soon 🙂
Please excuse any errors in this too…..
Love to all xoxox


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