Hi everyone

I just wanted to write a quick post to clarify a few things incase I offended or gave anybody the wrong impression from my last post.

I write these posts as if it were my diary. They are personal feelings and some are just for fun.

My last post ‘miscarriage for dummies’ was written because I felt sometimes we don’t know the do’s and dont’s In a bad situation. It was me expressing personal feelings that I had felt during the first few months after. Things people had said to me, or how they had acted that I felt needed addressing so that if anybody else goes through or knows someone that goes through this at least they could kind of know some ways to be a good supportive friend.

I did not once say or imply that people shouldn’t be happy if they are pregnant. Be happy, it’s a wonderful thing. Just be sensitive towards someone if they have suffered a loss/miscarriage. Try to remember they are going through a hard time and new pregnancy announcements are a little bit like rubbing salt in a open wound.

But that doesn’t mean don’t be happy. I don’t want anyone to feel bad about happy news. Again my blog is personal feelings that I felt as I was going through a tough situation. It is about me, my feelings, my thoughts.

All my love 🙂


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