I forgot about myself today: And it changed everything.

wow, Great Blog, I’ve never really understood what it meant to ‘lose yourself’ and this was a pretty great clarification. I also love how this writer says she does not care for the term, ‘someone always has it worse’ . Just a GREAT read, Thanks for posting 🙂

all our lemmony things

I opened my eyes today before the sun even came up.

It was before I would realize that the sky would be gray today. That it would rain so much that the sewers in the road would overflow and get my pant legs wet. It was before I knew I’d be cut off in traffic and be a pinky nail away in distance to the guy’s freaking bumper.


But when I woke up I decided. Today, I’d forget about me.

It might not seem like such a big deal, but oh it was. Today marks the one-month of my Dad being gone and I’ve seen it coming all week. But before I went to bed I spent time going through e-mails from people all over the globe who were reaching out for a friend–advice–someone to understand. And I knew, as soon as I threw myself into helping people or simply…

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