Keeping up with the Morphis’

Don’t you just love how original my post title is, haha. For those that are confused, I copied it from ‘keeping up with the kardashians.’ hehe.

I hope everyone is doing great, this year has been going great so far. I started College and am really enjoying my classes, I am only taking 7 credits, but I find for now those 7 are enough for me 🙂 I am taking photography and Career Guidance. I am learning allot and I am so happy that I decided to go back to college, I feel as though I am creeping out of the shell I’ve kept myself in for the past few years which is great.

James is doing great, he is enjoying his job lots and has been a wonderful supportive hubby through all the changes I have made. We are living in Claremont, and absolutely loving it. I can walk everywhere and feel safe, there are lots of restaurants, cafe’s, boutiques and loads of other cool stores literally outside our doorstep, I couldn’t think of a better place to live out here… The city has food regulations so there aren’t any foods with GMO’s or hormones and everything is organic which for me is perfect, because of that rule there are no fast food restaurants in this little area, which suits me just great. James and I are definitley allot more healthy because of this magical rule.

My family is coming out in just 3 weeks and I am so excited, we have vegas planned, magic mountain,  disneyland and our Pentatonix concert, woohoo. I said this year would be the best, and so far it’s turning out to be just that. I would really like to plan a vacation somewhere, maybe fiji for later in the year, but we also might be going to Thailand, either one will be just as amazing, will be a great opportunity to take some great pictures, especially now that I can actually use my camera properly. I’ll be a pro in no time 🙂

Hope you are all having a wonderful day, heres a few pics of my pups 🙂bella cocooutside dofcnb cocostairs


I forgot about myself today: And it changed everything.

wow, Great Blog, I’ve never really understood what it meant to ‘lose yourself’ and this was a pretty great clarification. I also love how this writer says she does not care for the term, ‘someone always has it worse’ . Just a GREAT read, Thanks for posting 🙂

all our lemmony things

I opened my eyes today before the sun even came up.

It was before I would realize that the sky would be gray today. That it would rain so much that the sewers in the road would overflow and get my pant legs wet. It was before I knew I’d be cut off in traffic and be a pinky nail away in distance to the guy’s freaking bumper.


But when I woke up I decided. Today, I’d forget about me.

It might not seem like such a big deal, but oh it was. Today marks the one-month of my Dad being gone and I’ve seen it coming all week. But before I went to bed I spent time going through e-mails from people all over the globe who were reaching out for a friend–advice–someone to understand. And I knew, as soon as I threw myself into helping people or simply…

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A year in Quotes

I can’t believe it’s New Years Eve already, this year has flown by so fast. This year has been the most difficult and hardest year of my life, and I am very happy to be saying goodbye to 2013. I have made the decision that 2014 will be the BEST year. I’ve learned so much about learning to take control of how to feel and and taking control of my own life. One of the biggest lessons I have learnt is that I have the ultimate control, and everything I do is a choice. There are some things that happen that I can’t control and it’s how I handle those things that help define who I am. I still have so much to learn, and I know that these lessons won’t ever cease. I just hope that they get easier.

I hope everyone is spending New Years Eve with the people they love most and that you will all go into the new year with new dreams and goals. I know I am.

I have been scanning my Pinterest boards and digging up some quotes that are relevant to my life this year, things I’ve learned, am still learning and just general quotes that the majority can relate too.

I hope everyone has a great New Years Eve, I’m sorry to anyone I have offended on my posts, I have definitely learned my lesson on keeping some privacy on my whirlwind of emotions through this year. But just know I love you all…

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Better and Brighter

Hello All

I hope you are all well, and excited for the Holidays 🙂 I’ve been in England with my family for a couple of weeks now and James just joined me today, yay. So excited to be spending Christmas with my family this year, thankfully the weather hasn’t been too cold, although I like it when it’s cold, I think it feels more like Christmas. I have been spending most of my time with Lucy and Zac and am so in love with my little nephew, I could just kiss his chubby little cheeks forever.

Before I came home, I decided to try out ‘extra work’, James used to do it before we met and he said I would like it. For those that don’t know what extra work is, it’s when you stand in the background on movie and TV sets and play pretend. Turns out I really loved it 😀 I worked on ‘parks and rec’ which is one of mine and James’ favorite tv shows, I got to see all the cast members, watch them act and it was so awesome just being on the set, I will definitely be doing more of that in the new year.
I have also registered for classes at a local community college, I am wait listed for most so hopefully I will get a spot, but I definitely have one so yay 🙂

I had been really busy for a couple weeks prior to coming home and I was very surprised at how much better I felt, I felt like my old self again, the happy, no worries, no stress self. This year hasn’t been my favorite and at times I had felt a little like I was headed down a one way path, and now I am beginning to realize that everything is a choice and we (maybe without realizing) choose to feel certain things, or maybe we are so bitter we don’t want to see it any other way in fear that we might not have a brighter outcome of things, so it’s easier to stay where it’s ‘safe’. I’ve learnt that by dwelling on the things that have hit me hard does no good. But by living in the present and thinking of today i can be whoever I choose. I wish I had a little quote to post, if I find one I will 🙂

I just wanted to say hi to everyone and share my amazing revelation lol. I am so grateful for today and everything that I do have, I’ll be posting again soon 🙂

All my love