A few little thoughts

Hi everyone,

It’s been a long summer, sorry I have not blogged sooner. I’m writing this from my phone so hopefully there won’t be too many errors, I apologize in advance.

James and I have moved AGAIN, but this time it will be a more permanent situation. We are in Claremont, ca and I absolutely love the area here. We live in a beautiful townhome with everything we need in walking distance. Reminds me so much of home, which is why I love it so much.

For most of the summer I was in England, I threw Lucy a baby shower and got to be there when she gave birth and what an awesome experience that was, but that’s for it’s own post if Lucy’s ok with me doing that πŸ™‚

I have been struggling a little bit after the whole miscarriage, so many people are pregnant it’s really hard to get get away from it. I deleted Facebook off my phone so I don’t get depressed every time I see pregnancy announcements, or people posting how happy they are with their hundreds of children, and how great motherhood is, and I’m trying to focus on anything other than that. I have been getting frustrated with people’s lack of sensitivity towards the situation and I will be posting about that, but that’s a whole different and deeper post for another time.

I have applied for college for January 2014 to take some photography classes, scary but glad to be progressing in something that I enjoy. I want to do something I love and be GREAT at it πŸ™‚
James has said he will sing with me…. So hopefully he actually will. If not ill just keep singing by myself.

James and I just had lindy (James’ sister) randy and the kids visit this past weekend, we went to magic mountain and it was awesome. They have a new ride called ‘full throttle’ and was AWESOME… You must go and you must ride it πŸ™‚

Other than my sister having the most wonderful little baby in the world, and our move to Claremont, not much else is happening over here. But I will post about the birth, if Lucy’s ok with that, and my miscarriage for dummies.

Hope everyone is doing great, I will blog soon πŸ™‚


An Unfortunate Event

Hey Everyone,

I apologize for the lack of action going on here. This past couple of months have been…. well…unexpected and I’ve just not really had much to blog about as I didn’t feel that I should be writing in the state of mind I was in.

Many of you know Mine and James’ struggles with trying to get pregnant, it has been almost 3 years and infertility is one of the most painful (emotionally) and hardest struggles I have ever gone through in my life. I can not speak for James, but I know it has not been a walk in the park for him either.

During the month of March we had been continuing with Acupuncture treatments and getting my body ‘prepared’ to hopefully be able to conceive naturally, without any IVF or fertility treatments. The acupuncturist said it can take up to 3 months to really kick in, so I just relaxed, enjoyed life, I was feeling very optimistic that this would do what it needed to do. On March 22nd I started spotting, my previous fertility doctor had told me this was a symptom of the cause of my infertility, lack of ovulating a healthy egg. But I was OK, I felt like we had just begun acupuncture and my body was still working itself out. The next day the spotting was much lighter, almost gone. I had a bunch of cheap internet pregnancy tests in the drawer, so I thought what the heck, lets just test anyway. So I tested and it was Stark white, not even a hint of a line, as usual I was in denial and carried the test into my room with me and put it down beside me hoping something would start to appear. I know it’s an absolutely ridiculous thing to do. After about 10minutes I looked down and I could have sworn there was a line, I stared at the test, holding it in different angles of light and then the thought dawned on me that I might actually be going mad, so what do i do…I take another test ofcourse, seems like the only logical thing a crazy person would do. Again there was a negative test staring back at my face, BUT after about 4 minutes the faintest of faint lines appeared. It was still so faint, (I was a week away from my period so this was really early) I still didn’t really think it was real, so what do i do…. I go and spend money on the tests that are supposedly more accurate… I rush home, pee on the stick… and there it was, my first ever POSITIVE pregnancy test. It was 100% positive, Then I FREAKED out, I thought I was going to Β pass out, I had to walk around the house, if I was standing still I thought I might fall over, James was sitting on the sofa, just telling me to calm down and that it probably wasn’t real (didn’t want to get his hopes up) I continued to walk around fanning my face like a complete over dramatic drama queen, then had to call my friend. James wasn’t being very helpful at this point. I did have him call my fertility doctor and they told me to use progesterone to stop the spotting, I had some left over from previous fertiity cycles thanks heavens. The time was about 10pm in the evening so I couldn’t rush off to the doctors, it was also saturday which meant I had to wait an entire day to get seen.

Sunday came, I had a little bit more spotting and I was very worried, I had taken about 3 more tests that had all got darker which was a good thing. Then Monday came and I called the first doctor that I found and he was able to see me in the next hour. As we were driving to the appointment I was in complete denial, I kept thinking I must have some sort of disease that mimics pregnancy.. thats the only answer right! As we waited I was trembling I was so nervous, we went right in for an ultrasound, I got probed with the big ultrasound stick, always a pleasure…. (sarcasm).. and we looked inside my uterus, my legs started shaking, we were staring at the screen, I was waiting to hear that i had some sort of horrible problem, then he said ‘well you are definitely pregnant’ James got all emotional and I was just in shock I think. Also we couldn’t see anything as it was so early, so he had us come back a week later. This time we got to see the gestational sac, no baby or yolk sac, but it was progress. The doctor kept telling us not to get too excited yet, and every week was a horribly long period of time. At the next ultrasound we saw the yolk sac, I should have been 5-6 weeks, so this was about normal. Then at every weekly ultrasound we would see progression, but ever so slight progression, I of course did all my research and I knew something wasn’t right, It was hard to talk to people about it because they would tell me I was being negative or that I was finally pregnant so just enjoy it. Then I began to think I was just being paranoid. Also my doctor was never very optimistic, he would always say to just wait and see what happens. When we saw a Heartbeat, most of my worries fell away, I was still a little numb as the doctor didn’t say if it was a good heartbeat or not, but I could tell from his tone that he thought my pregnancy was doomed.

So I found a new doctor, I saw him when I was 8weeks4days, in the initial exam he felt my pelvis and said I felt like I was 8 weeks along, I ofcourse knew that my insides would probably disagree with him, we moved into the ultrasound room…

As James and I sat there, I was just hoping for a miracle or that the previous doctor was just being less optimistic due to the fact I was so early in my pregnancy, I felt confident everything was ok and then in came the doctor, very sweet and much more compassionate then the last guy, then it began….As we looked at the screen, there was a little trouble trying to find the little embryo, at 8 weeks it shouldn’t have been that hard. When we finally found it, we looked at the heart beat, and also the size and it was still so small, I felt numb at this point, no emotion, I knew what was coming. The doctor proceeded to tell us that the heartbeat was very slow and it was measuring 6weeks instead of close to 9. As I sat up and asked lots of questions, I think it just hit me like a ton of bricks and I just felt overwhelmed with sadness, James couldn’t keep the brave face, then I had all these emotions and feelings just race through me. The feeling that you haven’t made your husband happy, even though it was not my fault, I couldn’t help but feel like my body wasn’t strong enough to carry a baby, his baby. I jumped off the table immediately hugged him and tried to comfort him, from what I had read online from all the research I had done I knew this was most likely a failed attempt. We left the doctors office feeling hopeless and had scheduled an appointment to come back in a week.

As we walked into the doctors office, The nurses weren’t as cheery as they had been before, on my appointment it had said I was scheduled for a miscarriage, well, I was still pregnant at this point and holding out for a miracle This whole past week we had been grieving and praying and just holding on the to the little hope we had left. I was so sad that I was so close, and now I was going to lose this little entity. In the ultrasound room we stared at the screen, hopeless yet having that tiny bit of hope that it would be ok, Then we found it, there was no heartbeat now and it had developed into a cyst. The yolk sac was enlarged which is a bad sign. Having prepared for this all week, I felt allot more calm then before. I also began to feel grateful that I had even got pregnant in the first place, that’s already an achievement. My doctor told me 1 in 4 pregnancies will miscarry due to unknown reasons allot of the time, he gave me two options, to miscarry naturally or to have a d&c in 2 days time. I chose to have the d&c, I had read horror stories of women miscarrying naturally and I was too afraid that it would traumatize me. The d&c went well, and I didn’t have any pain afterwards except a little cramping here and there. We also had the tissue analyzed to see what may of caused this to happen, but won’t know for a couple more weeks.

I am still continuing with the acupuncture and I am trying to figure out what to do with myself. I have been considering education, a job, part time work, but I still am unsure of what to do. As painful as this experience was, I did get pregnant, I also feel allot more content then before, I believe that we lived in heaven (or wherever you want to call it) before we came to this earth, and that my child is just waiting for a better body. It comforts me knowing that, and I have to remind myself I didn’t really lose anything, because I never had it in the first place.

I hope this will hopefully be a comfort to read rather then a horror story,

I will continue to try and keep you updated sooner, sorry it took me so long.


Love to all xoxoxox

Just a lil update on us :-)

Hi all
I am posting this from my phone so I apologize for any errors in advance. Unfortunately I don’t have any magical topics to blog about instead ill just give you an update on what’s happening in the land of Stacey and James.
James has been working really really hard and I know he had the number one spot in his office recently, hooray. I am very proud. This lead to him being offered a promotion in Fresno, ca. We were so grateful they had thought of James to co manage the office up there, but we had to turn it down after lots of prayer and writing down lists of pros and cons. Work wise it would be a great opportunity, but Fresno is not the place for us right now. But we are so thankful that James is doing so well. He loves his job, we love San Diego, life is good.
Now I am trying to figure out what to do with myself. I have thought of different jobs etc…. But every morning I find myself really unmotivated to do anything, I get really homesick and wish I could pop over the road and see Lucy or my mum and dad, and sometimes the thought of not being able to do that makes me really sad. Yes, I have proposed to James that we move back home πŸ™‚ and maybe one day when James is super successful and we are loaded that can be a possibility πŸ˜‰ but right now we are just normal people, without our millions. Bummer. πŸ˜‰
The weather in San Diego just got nice again after a week of grey overcast skies. But the sun was shining today and it was lovely.
Sorry I don’t have anything that’s too interesting.
Will write again soon πŸ™‚
Please excuse any errors in this too…..
Love to all xoxox

Vitamixing It Up

Well hello everyone, Sorry it’s been a while since my last post, been a bit hectic over here this past week. So, James and I after watching Fat, sick and nearly dead, and doing allot of research of what we were putting into our bodies, food and drink wise, decided we wanted to invest in a vitamix or a blendtech. For those of you that don’t know what these are, they are two of the best blender/juicers that are available in states. Trying to decide which one to get, well, that was a journey in itself that was extremely overwhelming, that I ended up buying the most expensive one just because, it had to be the best right?

So here are the two

images-5This one is the Vitamix 6300 (the one that James and I now own)

UnknownΒ This is a Blend tech, I have no idea about the model, as I didn’t look too much into buying one.

Both of these blenders, from my understanding is that they allow you to juice products without losing any valuable nutrients or fiber, unlike other juicers.

From personal friends who have these blenders the pros and cons were…

Blend Tech cons

  • Β Makes allot more noise
  • Doesn’t get all of the lumps and bumps out
  • Not as user Friendly

Blend Tech Pros

  • Cheaper
  • Blends soups aswel as smoothies
  • Professional blender

Vitamix Pros

  • Comes with a tamper, to push produce around to get rid of the lumps and bumps
  • Settings are user friendly
  • Timed settings
  • Professional
  • Bigger
  • Seven year warranty

Vitamix cons

  • Pricey

And that was about it πŸ˜€ Was it worth it? Absolutley. We make a smoothie every day, we can also make sorbet and soups from scratch in the vitamix without doing anything else, just drop the ingredients in, push hot soup and 3 minutes later, you have a hot soup thats ready to eat.

One of my favourite smoothies that James has been making for me is:

1 cup spinach

1cup green grapes

couple chunks of pineapple


and thats it. I like to add protein powder, but not allot or it changes the flavor too much. I also like to add chia seeds, just to get some antioxidants in my little body.

I have found that since eating healthier I feel so much better. We try to not eat any packaged foods (well, that was until I found a shop that sells british food, and now I have been stuffing my face with wotsits πŸ˜‰ ) But aside from the odd pack of wotsits, I have been using fresh fruits and veggies grown at a local farmers market. One of my favourites is Cabbage soup, Cabbage is great because it lasts a long time in the fridge, from what i read it can last up to 5 weeks.

My recipe is delicious I think so anyway, james hates it 😦

2 cups chopped cabbage (red and green)

1 small carrot

4.5 cups of water

4tbs chicken boulion

4 garlic cloves chopped or minced

(Homegrown lettuce or kale if you want a little something extra) – throw in at the very end for the last 3 mins or so

All I do is boil the water and boulion, throw everything in let it simmer for 15 minutes and taa daa, you have a healthy yummy cabbage soup, that is full of phytonutrients and fiber. So if you need to poop eat cabbage soup πŸ˜‰

Lots of love πŸ˜€

Growing Love for Needles



I am sick of pumping myself full of hormones and having to inject myself in my tummy 4 days straight and all the other not-so fun stuff that you have to do to try and get pregnant. I am also sick of worrying about trying to get pregnant and feeling miserable every time my period arrives.

I had been reading up about natural ways to get pregnant, and as I was reading all these different articles and blog posts, the more I read the more I realized that I really need to get my body prepared for such a drastic change. If my body isn’t getting pregnant then there is something thats off, and Β I need to fix it.

I researched different Fertility Acupuncture centers and I found Zen Fertility, the reviews were ok, but the fact that they specialized in Fertility was a big PLUS. So, I scheduled an appointment, James and I had a consultation and 1 treatment session with a wonderful girl. She talked to us about our goals and what we were hoping to achieve, and we told her all of our concerns. She was a great listener and appeared to really empathize with us. After the consult she had James and I lay down. I was really apprehensive about the needles, I don’t have a fear of them but no one likes to be stuck with sharp pointy things right? She started with me, she inserted about 8 needles, all over my body, but a few gathered in my uterus area, the needles are so thin and flimsy that I barley felt anything, maybe a pinch here and there but no pain. She then moved on to James, turned on some relaxing asian music and left us to relax/meditate for about 30 minutes. I felt really relaxed, and just lay there soaking in all the different feelings I could feel, all the energy moving around my body. It was really weird, I don’t really know how to describe it. James on the other hand, was freaking out a little bit, he had a more emotional experience. Anybody who knows James, knows that he can’t sit still for 5 seconds without moving or doing something, so this was a definite challenge for him, I then started to worry and couldn’t help feeling that he was ruining my experience haha… He was fine after about 10 minutes. (I’ll let him post about his experience)

Once everything was done, they handed us a list of supplements that we should take, and gave us some price lists etc… and then we left.

I felt the experience was great, but I also felt like I should be fixing my entire body, not just the fertility aspect of it, I did some more research and found the info for the number one lady in San Diego for Acupuncture, I called her to schedule an appointment and I could tell she was a little wacky, she was asking about my situation and as she replied, she said she could feel my heart and she started to hyperventilate lol… I liked her, she seemed a little strange but that was ok.

This past Monday, and today, James and I visited our new acupuncturist, her treatment rooms were separate, but much more relaxing and comfortable then the previous. She inserted allot more needles then the other acupuncturist, and these ones HURT. When she inserted them it felt like a burning/stinging sensation, yes OUCH… but the pain lasts a second and then it’s gone. When she took the needles out on monday, they were vibrating from my energy πŸ˜€ Which means that it’s working. Hooraay. She also told me that she saw a little boy with blonde hair and blue eyes, so hopefully she’s not crazy, that night I also had a dream I was pregnant, I went to an ultrasound where there were two fetus’ in utero πŸ˜€ So fingers crossed this acupuncture heals my body and I get my babies.

Today whilst in the room with her as she was inserting the needles, she asked me if I felt that icy tingling on the back of my legs (She says she can feel things other people feel, so wanted to see if it was me) I told her no. She then asked, ‘Has someone close to you died recently?.’ I told her no, then started to worry that someone had died and I just didn’t know it. She could see I was worried and told me that it could be someone that passed before, but they were standing right next to me in the room. Not freaky at all, crazy lady poking me with needles, with a dead person watching… hah! I felt really relaxed, yes even after that, and I lay there for about 40 minutes just relaxing and focusing on all the different feelings again.

The needles do hurt with this new acupuncturist, but I feel that it’s better to be healing my entire body rather then focusing on just fertility, and even though she is a little wacko I feel like she really knows what she is doing.

I’m sorry this was a little rushed, after my next session on Friday next week I will update you πŸ˜€

Love to All xoxox

A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words

Hello All,

For the longest time I have been on James’ case about getting pictures done, I’ve looked into different photographers and their prices and I had such a hard time justifying the money it costs now that I have my own camera. Well, a couple of weeks ago a wonderful new couple (Stephanie and Dann) had joined Vivint Solar here in San Diego, we had heard allot about them through a mutual friend so we knew of them, but hadn’t met them yet, so when we did meet, I found that Stephanie and I shared a love for photography and I asked if she would mind taking some pictures of James and I that I could edit. This way I had somebody who knew what they doing and then I could do all the work afterwards.

About 2 months ago I had been out on a drive with my friend Matt, We were just nosy-ing around, checking out the neighborhood when we stumbled upon a road in Rancho Santa Fe that dead ended. It had such a picturesque beauty I had to save the location in my phone for a future photo shoot, So I got out my iphone. dropped a pin and saved it in my bookmarks. This is where James and I took our pictures.

Stephanie was Amazing and Dan was Also awesome, taking pictures can sometimes be a bit of a drag, it can get boring, having to do the same thing over and over again, but Dan kept us entertained by telling us really funny (stupid) jokes the entire time and being great at making us feel less ridiculous, and Stephanie was great at making us feel comfortable. I get a little awkward sometimes in front of the camera just because I hate how fake it can seem, and Stephanie did a great job of knowing how to bring out the genuity, which I hope you can see the pictures.

greentree redtree

So these two pictures are the same obviously, I was fiddling with the colors of the leaves and I absolutely loved the deep red, I feel it made the picture more romantic. But I also loved the brightness and the boldness of the greens, they popped out so much and really made the picture enticing. I couldn’t decide which I liked better, so I uploaded both.


The Lemon Grove πŸ™‚ What a perfect location and what great composition from Stephanie. I made this picture landscape as I felt the sky was a little plain and I wanted the main focus to be on the lemon grove and of course James and I in the middle. I fiddled with different effects and colors and loved the retro effect. My jeans helped me on that decision, not really sure why, that’s just the feeling I got when I looked at the picture unedited, that 70’s vibe.


I absolutely LOVE this picture. I love the green and the blue and the contrast and the laid back, prettiness of it. Stephanie got this spot on with the composition, the clouds make it so picture perfect. I barely did anything to this editing wise, just a little brighter on the blue and the green and I think I added a warm filter, but it really didn’t need much.


The Four Of Us: Stephanie was sitting on the grass, with her legs crossed taking a picture of us and then Dan came up behind her and it looked like such a great picture I had to try it, so James and I mirrored Dan and Stephanie and added the dogs, Viola, This was what we got. I did allot of editing on this picture, more facial and skin smoothing, and I also added a red filter to warm it up.


The Dogs: Coco and Bella are perfect in this shot, taking pictures with these two wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, but it’s always a challenge. Thankfully they did a wonderful job, just been doggies πŸ™‚ I love that they are the main focal point of this picture and James and I are looking at each other so it’s not too distracting from the dogs


Ok Now here is a Before and After shot. As you can see the unedited picture was composed beautifully, but the sky was boring. When I looked at this picture I envisioned a fantasy land, as if we were walking into something that doesn’t exist here, I wanted it to have an element of the fantasy world and the real world. So I looked up different things to do on youtube. I tried fiddling with the colors of the sky but that didn’t do anything, it was still boring. Then I found a tutorial on youtube where you can actually edit out the sky and replace it. I spent at least half an hour trying to find the perfect sky, then it took me about half an hour to figure out how to do it without making it look terribly fake. I was so pleased with the outcome and It has made me want to create more pictures like it, more dramatic and whimsical.

James said that this picture looks metaphorical, In the book of mormon there is a story of a dream one of the early prophets had, (I have copied the children’s version of the story below so you can read it if you want too.) James described this picture as us walking the straight and narrow path, to the tree of life (there is a tree in he picture) then continuing our journey to Heaven. I named this picture ‘Journey to Heaven” as I felt it was very fitting.

Lehi told his family about an important vision he had had in a dream. Lehi’s dream made him happy for Nephi and Sam but sad for Laman and Lemuel.
1 Nephi 8:2–4

In his dream Lehi saw a man wearing a white robe who told Lehi to follow him. Lehi followed the man into a dark and dreary wilderness.
1 Nephi 8:5–7

After traveling in the darkness for many hours, Lehi prayed for help.
1 Nephi 8:8

Then he saw a tree with white fruit. This sweet fruit made those who ate it happy.
1 Nephi 8:9–10

Lehi ate the fruit, and it filled him with joy. He wanted his family to taste the fruit because he knew it would make them happy too.
1 Nephi 8:11–12

Lehi saw a river flowing near the tree. At the head of the river he saw Sariah, Sam, and Nephi.
1 Nephi 8:13–14

Lehi called to his wife and sons to come and taste the fruit. Sariah, Sam, and Nephi went and tasted the fruit, but Laman and Lemuel would not.
1 Nephi 8:15–18

Lehi also saw a rod of iron and a strait and narrow path leading to the tree.
1 Nephi 8:19–20

He saw many people walking on or toward the path. Because of a mist of darkness, some wandered off the path and became lost.
1 Nephi 8:21–23

Others held tightly to the iron rod and made it through the darkness to the tree. They tasted the fruit.
1 Nephi 8:24

People in a large building on the other side of the river made fun of those who ate the fruit. Some who had eaten the fruit became ashamed and left the tree.
1 Nephi 8:26–28

Click to View Larger Format
Lehi saw many people in his dream. Some held firmly to the iron rod and traveled through the darkness to the tree. They tasted the fruit. Others went to the large building or drowned in the river or became lost. Laman and Lemuel would not eat the fruit. Lehi worried about them and tried to help them obey God’s commandments.

The tree of life is metaphorical for the scriptures (Bible and the book of Mormon) Yes, we believe in both. The iron rod, is following Christ’s example, the commandments, etc… staying on the right path, and the wilderness to me, is, where people are lost spritually. The tree of life is the truth, and by eating and sharing the fruit of the tree, we are sharing what we believe to be true and what will bring eternal happiness and blessings. πŸ™‚ This is just my opinion, this is not church doctrine. But I’m sure it’s pretty close πŸ˜‰

I hope you enjoyed this, I still have about 7 more pictures I will be editing and then uploading on here, so keep checking back.

Love to ALL xoxoxox

Birthday Weekend

Hello All

Sorry it’s been a little while, but with my birthday last week I’ve been really busy. February 28th I turned the big 26… I am grateful to have made it to another year, although it is a little scary getting old haha. I still look 18 though so it’s not all bad I guess, anyway…..

My day started off with breakfast made by James


Yes it was as yummy as it looked, the eggs were a little runny but James has been forgiven πŸ˜‰ After James handed me my breakfast the doorbell rang and I thought to myself ‘OMG Lucy is here, or my Mum or Dad’ then I heard a voice and it was, American, I have never been so gutted to hear an american accent in all my life, ok maybe thats a little dramatic, but it’s true, all my dreams were crushed, it was not a family member 😦 BUT…. It was a flower delivery lady who was delivering me some flowers πŸ˜€

James walked into the bedroom with these….

zoe flowers

The first thing he said was.. ‘They’re not from me’. We were both really confused, then I grabbed the paper card that was attached and it read, ‘Happy Birthday beautiful pixie, Love you to infinity and beyond’ Luckily I knew who they were from as there was no name. My friend Zoe, she’s obsessed with Toy story and she thinks I have pixie ears :), I was so surprised to recieve flowers from her because I don’t talk to her as often as I should, So Zoe, I am very very grateful for my beautiful flowers they were a lovely surprise.

James had a meeting to attend from 10-1, so I was all alone, but not for long, Β I skyped with my Mum and Dad, (After I had texted my dad to remind him of my birthday) and we skyped for an hour or so, made me feel like I was at home which was so nice. Last year I was so depressed on my birthday, it was miserable. But skyping definitley helps.


Especially when your dad has an antenna sticking out of his head πŸ˜‰

Then I skyped with Lulu (don’t worry Lucy, no pictures of you on here ;)) We talked for a good hour or so.

I decided I wanted to go to the beach as it was a whopping 82degrees outside, and there was no way I was going to sit indoors on a beautiful day like this, I waited for James to come home, and off we went to Carlsbad Beach. It was nice, and peaceful, and beautiful, and perfect. Just me and the hubs hanging out. I also brought along my camera and took some pics, here are two of the ones I liked the most.

menjames ocean

The writing on the picture of James and I, reads, ‘He stole my heart, and now it’s his, forever and always, sealed with a kiss, I love you more then you will ever know, forever and always, I hope you know’ I am not sure if that came from the brain in my head or if I had read it before and just remembered it, So I will take credit for it, unless someone else makes their claim.

We spent about an hour at the beach, then we headed back to the pool at our apartment, We stopped by a Starbucks on the way home, picked up a cheese pastry yum, then went to the pool at our apartment and sat in the hot tub for a little while, with lots of screaming children splashing about, I love kids, but I was kind of hoping they would all go away and leave me and James alone on my birthday, but hey, you can’t have it all ……. just kdding. Kind of πŸ˜‰

We spent an hour at the hot tub then went back home to get ready for dinner. James had won two $50 gift certificates from work to cheesecake factory so we went there for dinner, it was such a beautiful evening we sat outside at 7pm, perfect temperature πŸ™‚ I was under a heat lamp because I’m always cold, but it was just perfect.

James’ work friends had planned a get together bonfire at the beach for 7.30, so after dinner we headed to the beach and hung out with everyone. I had a fun time, it was nice to just sit by the fire and watch all the little kids run around throwing sand in each others faces, and mingling with James’ co workers. Before we left we told everyone that saturday was my birthday dinner and that we would go Go-Karting afterwards, then off we went on our merry way.


Saturday evening was a success, Tgi fridays was awesome, not all the people could come, but it worked out for the best, we all chatted, ate good food, got a free pineapple juice, my friend Jessica bought me red velvet birthday cake. It was awesome. James and I had to leave early as we were meeting the next group of people half an hour away at the Go karts, there was only 6 of us that went karting, but we had such a a great time, I BEAT James in one race, and came 2nd in another (James was 1st in that one) After the first race I thought I was going to puke, I had such bad motion sickness, but I raced again, this time with no motion sickness, I did get seatbelt burns on my collar bone, which I referred to as neck bones hahahaha, I think all that kart racing made my brain go funny, on the third race I wore a shirt to cover my collar bone, and all I did was hurt my back πŸ™‚ so it was an eventful evening, but very very fun. The Go Karts here are electric and they go up to 40mph which on a little race track is a plentiful speed.

I really missed my family and friends, but I had such a great time with such great people so I can not complain.

James and I had a little photoshoot yesterday with our friend Stephanie and her husband Dan. I will do a seperate post for that, but for now here is a peek at a couple of the pics from the shoot..

Hope I didn’t bore you to death

Love ya xoxox

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