Stacey in a nutshell


25, soon to be 26, married to James for 4.5 years, he’s pretty awesome, travelled all over the country, London is my hometown, finally back in sunny southern California, hooray, photography gets the creative juices flowing, Have two poms, CoCo and Bella, love my fluff balls, dogs are better company then most people, love and miss my family so much, music and dancing make me feel free, love blasting some JB when I’m driving, Active Latter Day Saint, Jesus is the man, cant wait to eventually be a mother, infertility sucks, considering adoption (trying to talk James into it) wish me luck, asian blood, i’m a pretty open book, ask me anything, the beach fixes everything, hate the cold, still weigh 95lbs, stopped aging at 18, Friends are so important, TGI’s is the best, can’t beat the indian food in England, New girl & the big bang theory are thoroughly entertaining, popcorn should not have kernals, Love is everything, there is good in everyone no matter how bad they seem, words just flow right out, no filter, California is the best even when it rains, and….. thats me in a nutshell.


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