Happy New Year, Watch This Documentary

Happy New Year to everyone 🙂

I hope you all had a wonderful time with all your loved ones. James and I spent our new years eve chatting and playing poker with my sister, her fiancé and my lovely pal Ben. It was definitely a calm one this year, but nevertheless it was wonderful.

I have been working on my New Years Resolutions and have come up with a few good ones, This year will be the year that I stick to them the whole year. I promise 😉  My resolution for 2013 was to get pregnant, and I did. But being that the rest of the situation was out of my control, I’m going to focus on the things I can control.

For those of you that know me, I am a big animal lover. I love the company of my doggies, more than people sometimes.  They are such innocent and lovable creatures, not an ounce of unkind or maliciousness in them at all. To me they are pure love.  I don’t just love my dogs, I love all kinds of animals.  This past year I bought a season pass to seaworld, every time I stood in front of the underwater tanks and watched the dolphin swim past over and over again, I felt so bad them. What a life, swimming around in a tank thats 0.000001% of the space their real home is. Then you go to the Orca tank. Depressing isn’t even the right word, you see these incredibly massive animals stuck in these tiny tanks, all for the sake of what? In my opinion, Money. Greed.

I recently stumbled upon a documentary called ‘Blackfish’ that addresses the attacks on trainers that had been kept from the public, Tilikum, the Orca responsible for the death of a sea world trainer of 17 years at Seaworld Florida along with 2 other deaths, Orca facts and information that shows they are social animals, very intelligent, and capable of feeling emotions, similar to us. It is a truly powerful documentary. After I watched it, I wanted to write a letter to sea world asking for my money back, and asking them to please put these amazing creatures back into the wild, where they belong. Oh and to stop being so greedy, they make so much money, and yet only a small percentage of what they make goes towards the animals housing, care etc… I’m not posting this to rant about my dislike for sea world, but only to raise awareness about something I care about. If you haven’t seen it already you can watch it online for free here Even if you aren’t a lover of animals, it’s still a really interesting documentary. seaworldofhurt.com is an interesting website I came across, there are some posts on there I’m sure seaworld would not want the general public to see, if you like the documentary you might want to check out the website.  Just to warn you the website does hate seaworld. I don’t hate them. I’m just in disagreement with some of their protocols.

I’m excited to get back to California, and get a wicked sun tan 🙂 I need to bronze my body, get that vitamin D. Then plan my year to be the busiest one yet. Hard work, and more hard work. It’s going to be great.

Let me know if you watch Blackfish, what you think

All my Love